Technology brief:

MultiMold™, Tederic multi-component injection molding technology is the managing of two or more injection units in a such as parallel, right-angled or diagonal form, to inject different varieties of material simultaneously or one after another into molding completion. It can be used to produce multi-color or multi- grade compound plastic products.


Feature and highlights:

  • Flexible and adaptive: modularized setup with multiple clamping structure offering including wide toggle, narrow toggle and two-platen, and various injection unit arrangement in parallel, right-angled, vertical piggyback or opposite etc., while rotary platen structure can also either be vertical or horizontal, all for free combination. furthermore, adjustable distance between two injection units, adapts to wider mold application and thus users'needs;

  • Fast and precision: servo motor controls platen to rotate 180°clockwise or counterclockwise in precision, to achieve fast and steady rotation. hydraulic rotary platen clamp with limiting device before mold opening and closing, with no inclination of platen;

  • Durable and reliable: Static pressure supporting device ensures the safe bearing of heavier mold, and improve stability in mold rotation. rotary platen equipped with multiple arrays of core pulling and cooling water interface, to avoid pipe damage arising from platen rotating;

  • Precision and energy-saving: dedicated servo rotary table control system, for precision, fast and stable performance, saving approximately 30% runtime compared to hydraulic motor control system;

  • Automation and efficiency: automated production of multi-color, multi-material products, production technology and efficiency improvement, optimization on investment;


Apply to:

  • Automotive sector

  • Stationery sector

  • Daily supplies

  • Electronics parts

  • Appliance cover and panels