TEDERIC Invites You to Enjoy Turkey International Plastic Exhibition 2019

December 4-7, 2019

Tuyap Exhibition Center, Istanbul

2-232 booth

Turkey International Plastics Industry Exhibition, held in 1990, has a history of 28 years and has formed a large scale in the region. It also has a certain influence in the plastic industry, becoming the only professional exhibition of the plastic industry in Turkey. At this time, our company focused on the middle and high-end market in Turkey, and demonstrated the company's two unique all-electric injection molding machines.

Display Scheme

DE258/E840C Classic Electric Injection Molding Machine

product production of daily kitchen storage box

Weight: 53g; Cavity Number: 2; molding cycle: 9s

Tederic Turkey International Plastic Exhibition 2019-1

DE290/E840H Precision All-electric Injection Molding Machine

Production of thin-wall packaging products with IML plastic barrel

Weight: 30g; Cavity Number: 2; molding cycle: 5.6s

Tederic Turkey International Plastic Exhibition 2019-2

Turkey is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, with convenient transportation. In recent years, the demand for plastic rubber products and related industries is still high. Its strong demand in the rubber and plastic industry gives our company a good opportunity for the development of the European market. With this exhibition, we will continue to push the company's medium and high-end electric injection molding machines to the European market, and comprehensively improve the brand influence and solution coverage.