Tederic is with You in Office Life

Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine1

When you get up in the morning, your phone app will automatically remind you of today's schedule.

In the company, you can just clock in by face recognition. Then, the elevator will automatically take you to your office floor. When you walk into the office, the automatic inductive door will open for you.

The intelligent air conditioning and curtain lifting system will adjust the temperature and light to create a comfortable environment for you.

Sit in your office seat, turn on your laptop, and the day's work begins.

Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine2

With the emergence and development of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other unfamiliar technologies, our office life has been more and more intelligent. And the laptop that has already slipped into our daily life is also one of the intelligent office boosters. Laptop is frequently used but its value is often neglected.

Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine3

Speaking of laptop, it is familiar to nearly everyone for it has already become an indispensable part of our daily entertainment and business activities. But do you know that the manufacturing process of laptop also requires injection molding machine? In addition to aluminum magnesium alloy, the engineering plastic produced by injection molding machine is commonly used in laptop shell production. Also, the hand bracket and bottom of laptop are generally made of engineering plastic.

Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine4

Due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, enterprises and schools all over the country postponed the reopening time in order to strengthen prevention and control. During the epidemic, remote work policies and online study are more common than ever before. Therefore, while most industries were suffering to different degrees, the demand for laptops are increasing day by day.

In order to meet the development needs of laptop industry, Tederic provides better overall program for laptop production.

Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine5

Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine6D800Db/M840M520P
Two types of toggle hydraulic dual-color injection molding machine
Production case——Lenovo laptop

Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine7

Lenovo laptop LCD frame produced by Tederic's injection molding machine.

Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine8Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine9Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine10Toggle lever hydraulic two-component injection molding machine11

Production program sharing:Machine Model: D800Db/M520M370PClamping Force: 800TMaterial: PC+ABS&TPUWeight: 18.4g

What's special about this professional laptop injection solution which is precise, efficient, environmental and energy-saving? Let's make an analysis of it.

High injection precision - the appearance and weight of product components are more consistent with original design.

  • High molding precision; exquisite products; lower reject rate.

  • The proportional valve is used for injection to ensure the precise molding under high-speed and high-pressure injection. The repeated accuracy of the residual position is within 0.1 mm, and the product repeating precision is 3%.

  • The independent single cylinder one-line injection is adopted which is featured with stable operation and accurate injection.

Servo turntable system - reliable and safe production control.

  • Servo turntable control is characterized by stable rotation and fast speed. Its one-way rotation cycle is 2s, which save 30%-40% time compared with ordinary motor control.

  • The turntable can do reciprocating rotation from 0°to 180°and is equipped with precise brake stop device, which ensures sensitive control.

Special and innovative structure - low cost, high income, high cost performance.

  • It solves the pressure bearing problem of single-side die because it can replace the mold without crane assistance, which is convenient and fast.

  • Beautiful design; non welding pipeline; small risk of oil leakage; easy installation and maintenance.

  • Advanced design concept; independent parts processing; cost control; high cost performance of equipment.

Does the high-quality equipment catch your interest? That's not all.
Tederic provides professional solutions for the entire communication and electronic industry, covering computer accessories, mobile phone shells, smart watch components and other precision electronic plastic parts.With rich experience in R&D of customized and targeted equipment, Tederic is capable of creating professional injection molding solutions for clients.