Congratulations: Zhejiang Tederic Intelligent Injection Equipment Research Institute is Recognized As Provincial Enterprise Research Institute

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Research Institute's directory, which was assessed by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, announced that Zhejiang Tederic Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.'s Intelligent Injection Molding Equipment Research Institute was recognized as the Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Research Institute.

Zhejiang Tederic Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., referred to as Tederic Heavy Machinery, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Deqing, Huzhou. Mainly engaged in the casting processing of large, complex and precision castings, the research and development of large-scale intelligent three-plate injection molding equipment, and the research and development of new injection molding equipment with brand innovation advantages. Up to now, there are 54 staff members in the Intelligent Research Institute. The professional staffing is reasonable and the new product development capability is strong.


Together with the Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. Provincial Research Institute located in Hangzhou Headquarters, they collaborate and complement each other. The company adheres to customer innovation to lead the sustainable development of the company, has strong R & D strength and excellent innovation capabilities. It adopts a combination of independent innovation and scientific research cooperation to establish long-term industry-university-research cooperation with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and China Jiliang University Now, it has obtained nearly 100 independent intellectual property rights products and scientific research results.


Based on the technical strength and research and development results of the Tederic Heavy Machinery Enterprise Research Institute, and relying on Tederic Machinery's global marketing influence, the company's product sales cover the fields of national defense machinery, auto parts logistics, packaging medical, daily building materials and other fields, and have good research and development practices. Capacity and social benefits. Tederic Heavy Machinery is now one of the most dynamic companies in the region.