TEDERIC Injection molding Seminar Tour (Dongguan, Guangdong) Successfully Held!

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Focus on Dongguan, Guangdong Province to experience the two-color Technology Forum full of "real stuff", follow tederic to enjoy the multi-angle and multi-component injection molding special event.

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On November 25, locating Grand Oriental Hotel, Dongguan, nearly 200 representatives from enterprises in the Pearl River Delta attended the event. And with the industry from all walks of a life peer media together, technical discussion, inspiration collision, directly hit the difficulties in the field of injection molding pain, and seek deeper breakthroughs.

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Tederic machine combines Shunagyu technology, Welllih robot, Hsrld, Shell and intelligent plastic machine cloud service, which not only presents the most professional, systematic and classic two-color auto parts special technology for customers, but also brings a lot of cutting-edge information, which makes the audience has a deeper understanding of intelligent injection molding and intelligent manufacturing management.

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Shuangyu Technology

South China Multi-Component Technology Exhibition Center

Dongguan Shuangyu Technology Co., Ltd. is the South China branch of Ninghai Longhua Mould Plastic Co., Ltd., which was just established three months ago. But like Ninghai Longhua, it has a multi-material advanced, comprehensive and complete solution of tederic company. Longhua and Shuangyu are two large-scale and technical multi-material mold testing centers in China, which solve the problem of mold testing cost and delivery time for mold manufacturers in East China, South China and China.

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When entering the factory, it is full of many kinds of special models, such as counter injection, two-color, three injections and so on. It shows Tederic's DH1800, DH1920, DH1420, DH1200, DH1000, DH810, DH530, D280, and Tederic DE series electric injection molding machines, with a total of 13 sets.

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You can experience intelligent two-color auto parts intelligent injection molding in real life. We have customized service, for your product value-added thrust acceleration!

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Now What You See Is Dh1800hr-i9500 / m5800 / m1100 Horizontal Rotary Injection Molding Machine from tederic, with 1800 tons of clamping force and 3 injection units.

Large-scale multi-angle two-color injection molding technology is one of the hot spots in the current industry. Tederic Machine Co., Ltd. is one of the few domestic enterprises with the R & D and manufacturing capacity of super large two plate rotary table multi-component injection molding machine and horizontal rotary table injection molding machine with a clamping force of 1800 tons. Its products have been widely used in the steam industry with large weight and volume, high molding accuracy and strict requirements In the production of accessories, daily necessities, home appliances and other products.

DH-HR Horizontal Rotary Counter Injection Multi-component Injection Molding Machine

DH-HR Horizontal Rotary Counter Injection Multi-component Injection Molding Machine