Technology brief:


ThermoSure™, TEDERIC has mature technology in thermosetting plastic molding. The use of special plasticized parts allows precise control of the plasticizing temperature without premature curing of the raw materials. It is mainly used for injection molding of raw materials such as polyurethane (PU), epoxy resin (EP), and phenolic resin (PF).


Feature and highlights:


  • Advanced design – compact, modularized and auxiliary-integrated design, saving footprint as well as equipment costs.

  • Automation and special program – full automated production and Computer program for special thermosetting injection molding.

  • Special material and screw applied - bimetal abrasion resistant screw for plasticizer, and special high temperature resistant liquid is used as heat transfer medium to provide stable heating for the barrel.

  • Quality component integrated - high quality composite material mold insulation device, special hot oil circulating injection cylinder and high precision temperature controller adopted


Apply to:


  • Suitable for all kinds of heat resistant parts, insulation parts, wear reducing parts, transmission parts, medical and electronic parts;

  • Insulated parts of household appliances (such as pan handles);

  • Electrical parts of motor, rotor, housing and transformer.