Technology brief:

SpinSure™-H, the horizontal rotary table is controlled by a servo motor, so as to realize accurate positive and negative rotation of the rotary table. Turntable water adopts rotary sealing technology, which makes the oil pipe layout of the machine look beautiful without the possibility of oil leakage. An auxiliary mould breaking device is set on the mould locking side of the two plates to avoid the phenomenon that the mould cannot be opened due to the product sticking to the mould.


In addition, teri's shooting machine adopts KEBA controller, main engine dual-core 1.9ghz high-speed CPU, 1ms task processing cycle, quick response of the system, improve machine action precision, 12-inch color LCD large screen display, support for multiple languages; New user-friendly interface design, supports a variety of industrial bus CAN, Ethercat, etc.


Technology highlights:

  • Flexible turntable can also carry extra weight

  • Provides the perfect solution for the bigger and heavier large-scale two-color mold

  • No strict requirements for molds

  • Improving production efficiency, two identical molds can be put into the production of the same product


Apply to:

  • Auto parts two-color interior trim,

  • Exterior trim (headlights, skylights)

  • Large household appliances double color panel or shell