Technology brief:

SpinSure™-V, Dedicated rotary table technology, developed by Tederic company, is a native table control unit and a modularized dedicated rotary table system. It can easily combine up with ordinary mono-color IMM injection moulding machine, to enlarge its application range, with multi-component rotary table function.


Feature and highlights:

  • Module as an extension: functional extension to the single color IMM, to become multi-component machine with rotary table;

  • Independent and modularized design: table easy to disassemble and maintain, dedicated water conveying device within the central shaft, for oil, water or air circuit;

  • Durable: High wear-resistant table surface with lubrication, less friction, to effectively extend equipment service life;

  • Precision and energy-saving: dedicated servo rotary table control system, for precision, fast and stable performance, saving approximately 30% runtime compared to hydraulic motor control system;

  • Automation and efficiency: automated production of multi-color, multi-material products, production technology and efficiency improvement, optimization on investment;

Apply to:

Reform mono-color machine, to achieve multi-component functionality