Technology brief:

CellSure™, Tederic's physical foaming technology is implemented with the use of pressurized Nitrogen through barrel until foams nucleates and grows under pressure drop during injection and at last melts form with cooling mold. It is set up to effectively tackle product weight reduction or warpage issues etc.  


Feature and highlights:

  • being lightweight: less material used, lower clamping force and energy consumption, as well as shortened cycle time;

  • quality performance: better physical attributes of sound and heat insulation, and reduced distortion by ameliorated internal stress distribution;

  • environmental: no chemical residues, environmental friendly;

  • stable precision: constant voltage control and melt pressure sensor to keep stable performance and improve dimensional accuracy.


Apply to:

This technology can be perfectly applied but not limited to logistics supplies, auto parts industry such as pallet, dustbin, car door panel, dashboard skeleton and so on.