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化妆品PET容器 化妆品PET容器1 化妆品PET瓶胚 化妆品PET瓶胚1 日用品PET容器
Thick wall containers & PET

Thick wall containers & PET are widely used in the field of cosmetics and daily demand. It has the characteristics of large weight, thick wall, high cleanliness and strong sense of design. The professional PET thickwall molding program of Tederic ensures stability, precision and cleanliness of plastic products while ensuring production efficiency.



  • PET special high-plasticizing parts with a length-diameter ratio of 1:24 enhance the plasticizing speed and effect, with high production efficiency.
  • The links of mold clamping and injection molding, temperature control and pressure holding are strictly controlled for precision plastic products.
  • Flexibly matched product portfolios realize resource rationalization and improve investment cost performance.
  • A professional and adaptable full set of solution can be made for customers, and it is easy to operate, cost-effective, and can maximize the benefit.