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塑料托盘1 塑料托盘2 塑料托盘3 塑料托盘4 塑料托盘5

Different from wooden pallets or paper pallets, plastic pallets with light weight, high strength, repeatable processing, etc., and already widely used. The extrusion type injection system specially designed by Tederic ensures uniform plasticization and stable molding. With micro-foaming technology can reduce the product weight, avoid product deformation and improve product performance.



  • With module design of mold clamping cylinders, we can do customization such as increase mold opening force or lengthen the mold clamping cylinder stroke.
  • High rigidity and long platen shoes structure, increase the bearing capacity for mold;
  • Short-stroke mold clamping cylinder with short pressurization stroke can quickly build clamping force, uniform stress to the mold;
  • The synchronous half-nut locking mechanism makes brake faster and more accurate;
  • Huge mold capacity and mold opening stroke, high rigidity of clamping unit base, and stable mold opening and closing;
  • The automatic exhaust function of the pressure increasing cylinder makes the clamping pressure more stable.