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White Home Appliances

In recent years, new plastic processing technologies have been widely used in the molding of home appliances plastic products, such as precision injection, rapid molding technology, melt core injection technology, gas/water-assistance injection technology. While the appearance and quality of home appliances have received more and more attention during manufacturing, the modular design of tederic can offer customers the right customized solutions to meet requirement of the exquisite appearance and precise structure.



  • Machine running with great stability, mold opening and closing controlled by a high-response servo valve, repeatability up to ±0.1mm: 
  • High energy conversion efficiency, high-performance servo system, low equipment overheat risk, large overload capacity and high production efficiency;
  • Control with high accuracy, strong structural rigidity and precise control performance;
  • Closed-loop control is utilized to realize perfect adjustment of injection molding process and ensure precision of product size and weight.