Once Again! TEDERIC SPIN-FORM Multi-Components IMM Delivery

Just 6 months after the last similar order, TEDERIC delivers another turn-key Spin-Form swivel-plate project to customers on schedule. Along with its 1300T two-platen clamping unit and Spin-Form swivel-plate technology, M3700 single cylinder and E1400H all electric injection units are also equipped, TEDERIC offers particularly cost-effective solutions for automotive multi-components and fills another Made-In-China gap with timely delivery, customization and stability.

TEDERIC SPIN-FORM Multi-components IMM

Our advantages:

Multi-functions: besides the usage of convectional injection, each injection unit could also operate independently as single component processing with high precision(position accurate up to 0.01mm) and speed(M3700 up to 250mm/s; E1400H up to 300mm/s)


Space-saving: two-platen clamping unit with Spin-Form swivel-plate technology, minimize the area occupation of the machine.


Heavy-duty swivel-plate: driven by servo system, mid-swivel-plate could load heavy mold weight up to 25 tons.

Heat isolation pad: more precise temperature control and high-efficiency heat raising on mold


Specialized control program: KEBA i2980 controller, OPC access interface, remote fault diagnosis to improve production management efficiency.


Precise movement control: accurate clamping, stable mid-plate swiveling, prompt allocation with safety device, all ensures the mold protection and machine stability.


As one of the leading in mold trial testing field, NingHai Longhua mold testing ltd., co. shares many consensus and cooperates as brother-hood. This DH1300DHR/M3700E1400H project will be used for the mold trial testing especially for car lamp, lamp chimney, AB pillar and optical products with PP, PC, PMMA and other materials. With all other customized solutions that existing in Longhua, TEDERIC is offering and will always do: create more value for our customers.