Officials from Science Technology Department of Zhejiang

1st July, 2019, also the birthday of CCP, Mr. Zhang Yiwen (vice-head of the department), Mr. Zhao Xinlong (head of the division)of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Ms. Tang Yuli (director) of Technology Division of Qiantang new district paid a visit to Tederic Machinery Co. Ltd to instruct our production. They put great attention on the development of the large-scale enterprises under the circumstance of trade-war between China and America, and also on the key technology exploration and innovation of the typical enterprises in the related field when facing the fierce competition from all over the globe.


Mr. Zheng Jianguo (president of Tederic), Mr. Zhou Hongwei (Director of Tederic Technology Development), Mr. Yao Lixian (Director of Tederic Manufacturing Development) accompanied the officials to take a tour around Tederic manufacturing base in Xiasha district. Mr. Zheng introduced and emphasized the key exploration field and the most updated technology of Tederic: PPS high-temperature high-pressure IMM solutions, large-scale multi-material with opposite injection bases IMM solutions, Auto industry IMM solutions, MES solutions, together with other solutions for Beautiful Countryside, Toilet Revolution or Utility Tunnel policies.


Mr. Zheng gave a live demonstration of DE370 full-electric IMM injection molding machine, DH1800HR IMM with opposite injection bases, four-color DH1920Db IMM and large-scale DH4500 two-platen IMM. He also introduced the status of Tederic in smart-manufacturing fields including Flexible Manufacturing System, Electrical Assembly Line.

Science Technology Department of Zhejiang

Mr. Zhang said, Tederic has made a great achievement in independent innovation, IMM customization designing and properly handled the market fluctuations. Tederic should invest more in advanced IMM related equipment in order to thoroughly catch up with peer companies from Europe, America or Japan.

Mr. Zheng said Tederic is now leading in IMM solution offering with promising opportunities. Tederic will improve itself with no delay, full-electricize the small machines, two-platenize the big machines, realize the upgrading of the whole industry. Tederic will take the advantages of independent exploration and innovation, offering great cost performance productions, creating more values for all customers from all over the world.

Science Technology Department of Zhejiang