Linking K Show, Implementation of Multi-component Product Moulding

After three years, TEDERiC yet again unfoleded its wide-expected K show exhibition at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre in Germany. At Hall 15, TEDERiC this time are bringing quality equipments to demonstrate true achieving of greater value and practice use for the customers. So, welcome to TEDERiC Booth 15A41.


Exhibition during: 16-23 Oct. 2019

Venue: 15A41, Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Düsseldorf, Germany

DH680/i3800 E360V two-platen multi-color IMM with turntable

One-off product molding of double material auto parts, high precision, symmetry and repeatability, Tederic's advantage over modularised design and professional customisation provides customer comprehensive auto parts injection moulding solutions.

Flexible and independant turntable can be added on the existing machine as an extension, to further improve the use practice of equipments. On the site, Tederic demonstrates the process of one-off injection molding of paired dual-material rear covers products, a real splashing enhancement to traditional equipment.

Dual material (PP + TPE) auto parts rear covers 

Cavity Qty.: 2

Product weight: 98 + 25g

Cycle time: 35.9s


DE168/E500C Classic electric IMM

In the stereotype image, plastics is almost equated with "polution".

as a manufacturer of injection molding machine, Tederic would like to say, that Plastics is not necessarily what you thought about. at this K show, we brought new-type degradable environmental material packaging solution with live demonstration of processing technology.


Degradable PLA fruit trays 

Cavity Qty.:1

Product weight:58g

Cycle time:15s

PLA is a new-type biodegradable material, the food trays made of which could largely improve urban environmental protection and lessen the consumption of fossil fuel resources.