Ke Jixin, Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qiantang New Area and His Party Visited Tederic Investigation

On the morning of July 3, 2020, Ke Jixin, deputy mayor of Hangzhou and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qiantang New Area, Shi Huamiao, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qiantang New Area and executive deputy director of the Management Committee of the New Area, Chen Jinquan, member of the Party Working Committee and director of the party Mass Work Department, accompanied by Tao Feng, director of Hangzhou Biomedical Town, visited the Tederic production site for investigation.

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Zheng Jianguo, the chairman of Tederic, reported the company's production and management, research and development of core technology under the impact of COVID-19, and the development plan to become bigger and stronger.

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Secretary Ke and his party had a detailed understanding of Tederic's products. As high-end equipments recommended by the ministry of Industry and Information Technology, they have been used in aerospace, automotive, medical, building materials, logistics and life products. Mr. Ke highly recognized what Tederic achieved as the top-end equipment recommended by the Department of industry and information technology. He also encouraged Tederic's development policy that the electric injection molding machine is benchmarked with Japanese counterparts, and large dual-plate injection molding machine as well as multi-material injection molding machine are benchmarked with European counterparts.

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At the same time, Secretary Ke and his party spoke highly of the intelligent manufacturing system for assembly line manufacturing control and the unmanned factory for the core components production.

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By the end of the tour, Secretary Ke inquired Chairman Zheng about the company's management difficulties and his suggestions to the government. Secretary Ke learned about Hangzhou Biomedical Town, and encouraged Tederic to make greater contributions to the development of Qiantang New Area!

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