Is It Wasteful to Produce Baskets with Motors?

Plastic baskets have been widely used in various areas of daily life because they are light, durable, environmental-friendly and economic. Actually, plastic baskets include plastic turnover baskets used in workshop, warehousing, logistics and food industry as well as storage baskets used in daily life and so on.

Teri DE-C electric injection1 molding machine

Have you ever heard that an electric injection molding machine is used to produce plastic storage baskets?

Recently, Tederic received an order to produce plastic baskets with its DE-C electric motor. Let's have a look!

Production Case of Plastic Basket

Teri DE-C electric injection2 molding machine

Machine Model: DE388/E1400C

Material: PP

Gram Weight: 165g

Cycle Time: 12s

Electricity Consumption: 0.32kw.h/kg


Details of the plastic basket

Teri DE-C electric injection3 molding machine

Smooth surface; uniform color.

Teri DE-C electric injection molding machine

Little deformation.

Teri DE-C electric injection molding machine

No burrs on the surface.

Teri DE-C electric injection molding machine

Compact structure.

Why Tederic's DE-C motors are selected to produce plastic baskets instead of traditional hydraulic machines?

Tederic's DE-C Motor VS Traditional Hydraulic Machine

1. Lower Cost

Comparing to traditional hydraulic machine, Tederic's DE-C motor saves cost from the following two aspects. First, the cost of raw materials is reduced. With the increase of injection speed, the weight of plastic basket decreases from 185g to 165g, reducing by 10%. Second, the energy consumption of the product is reduced from 0.4kw.h/kg to 0.32kw.h/kg.

2. Higher Efficiency

It takes 22-30s to produce one plastic basket by traditional hydraulic machine, while it only takes 12s for Tederic's DE-C motor. The production cycle is greatly shortened and the efficiency is increased by 60%.

3. Better Suitability

Tederic's DE-C motor is equipped with a separate hydraulic pump station to control the integral movement, ejection and mould adjustment components of the injection molding machine, having higher cost performance. Its core-pulling valve suits for different types of molds, meeting diverse needs of customers.

4. Higher Precision

Injection, plasticizing and mold locking are powered by electric motor, so the production is more precise and the quality is guaranteed.

Through the above analysis, it is found that producing plastic storage baskets with Tederic's DE-C electric injection molding machine not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also brings more profits for clients through saving raw materials and reducing energy consumption.

Therefore, it is a wise choice with long-term investment value for customers to choose Tederic's DE-C electric injection molding machine to produce plastic baskets!

In addition to the case mentioned above, Tederic provides other professional production programs of plastic baskets in different fields, covering logistics, transportation, agricultural production, food storage and transportation, daily necessities storage and other industries.

Teri DE-C electric injection molding machine

All of the above are real photos.

Tederic is prepared to provide quality service to meet your needs!