Improving Injection Molding Plant Management with the "Smart Injection Cloud" System Acquits Capital and Management Profits

In the trend of injection molding industry 4.0, injection molding MES came out when the injection molding enterprises are in production management dilemma. "Smart injection cloud" is a MES system specially designed for injection molding factories in China.  Analyzing the improvement points and promotion space in the production process from different dimensions such as human, machine, material, method and environment, it can perfectly solve the management pain points of traditional injection molding plant, which makes it an excellent tool for enterprise managers to work efficiently.

Except for a small amount of data collection hardware of "smart injection cloud", there is no need to add back-end servers or arrange network maintainers. With almost zero investment, the portable, efficient, accurate and lean production management can be realized. "Smart injection cloud", with user-friendly operation, has a simple interface and can start with zero foundation.

Tairui's "smart injection cloud" system is fully oriented to the market demand, enjoys good adaptability, and can be perfectly compatible with all brand controller systems in the market. It has perfect programs for Coba, Hongxun and other brands of all models. Its function can also be customized to meet the different needs of customers.

The networking system can synchronize the data with the cloud, and present it in real time through mobile phones, computers, etc., so that customers can get more portable, fast and orderly production management. No matter when and where you are, you can get accessible to the information of the equipment and orders. Large workshop screen realize the planning, transparency and timeliness of production status more effectively.

"Smart injection cloud" can be connected to plastic molding machine, automation equipment, peripheral auxiliary equipment and other supporting systems, can remotely monitor the status of equipment, parameter management, quality data statistics, and has functions such as process acquisition and analysis. At the same time, the early warning of equipment maintenance and maintenance processing greatly facilitates the centralized control and refined management of the injection molding production equipment, and improves the service life and production efficiency of the equipment.

Multiple production lines operate synchronously, and the production conditions are orderly. Teri networking service can realize the networking detection and statistics of multiple injection molding machines. In the "smart injection cloud", you can have insight into product production data and order completion at any time and place, and make orderly production scheduling and machine deployment.

Smart injection cloud is a MES system that understands injection molding production, empowers China's intelligent manufacturing, builds dreams for China's injection molding, and leads the new era of global intelligent injection molding.