how does Tederic reduces the risk of oil leakage?

Speaking of the maintenance and care of injection molding machine, the most troublesome problem is oil cylinder, pipeline parts such as oil leakage fault. And then cause environmental pollution, injection pressure reduction, air inflow and unstable melting and a series of problems affecting product production. Today, we are going to make a diagnosis and treatment of these problems.


“Seek medical treatment for illness.”

Most of the causes of oil leakage are poor installation process, damage to components and parts; the connection joints are not precise enough, and there are residual cracks; long-term high-pressure high-speed production, pipeline abrasion; weld joints at pipeline connections burst, oil leakage; and the problems of components and parts themselves.


“No cure for symptoms, no cure for root.”

After being combined with injection molding machine, the technology of non welded hard pipe introduced from ship industry can eliminate the problem of pipe burst and oil leakage after the long service life of traditional welding oil way. The surface of the non welded hard pipe structure is bright and clean, with wide application range and low manufacturing cost.


Non welded pipeline is mainly formed by extrusion of precision cold drawn pipe through professional forming. It can be divided into "WALFORM extruded steel pipe assembly" and "37° flared non welded steel pipe assembly". The whole pipeline assembly does not need any welding, and the production efficiency, cleanliness and quality of the assembly are greatly improved, which can better replace the traditional ferrule and welded pipe structure.


 "WALFORM extruded steel pipe assembly"


It mainly uses the special molding machine of WALFORM and mold to extrude the precision cold drawn pipe, and forms the steel pipe assembly with the sealing ring and nut, so as to achieve the double sealing effect.

Using range: 6mm-42mm


1. The steel pipe is directly formed, integrated pipeline, higher strength; no pre assembly, no pull-out risk, safer;

2. Double seal, elastic seal and metal seal double insurance, fluororubber seal, applicable to a wider temperature range;

3. The tightening torque is greatly reduced, the assembly stroke is short, over tightening is prevented, and the assembly is simple and reliable;

4. Less parts, saving material and logistics costs, can be repeatedly installed and disassembled;

5. The maintenance only needs to replace the sealing ring, which is simple, convenient and cheap.

 "37 ° flared non welded steel pipe assembly"


It mainly uses the expanding molding machine and the expanding mold to extrude the precision cold drawn pipe, to spin the steel pipe to 74 ° (37 ° on one side), and to cooperate with the 74 ° cone bushing and flange to form the steel pipe assembly.

Using range:more than 42mm


1. Cold extrusion molding is used to ensure the accuracy of the mold, and the inner and outer surfaces of the pipeline are smooth;

2. Elastic seal, no leakage and vibration resistance;

3. The steel tube is integrally formed, with higher strength. There is no weld beading, impurity, weld, etc;

4. There are few parts, low manufacturing cost, short processing cycle and simple technology;

5. The later maintenance of flared steel pipe is simple, convenient and economical, and only the seal is replaced.



Reduce cost and increase efficiency, simplify operation and improve quality.

Completely realize cost reduction and overall upgrade of injection machine equipment quality.



At present, Tederic has basically adopted WALFORM and expanded non welded steel pipe to upgrade, optimize and update the equipment products from all aspects and angles, so as to make the equipment more cost-effective and valuable.