Tederic Machinery Co., LTD operates as an world-renowned plastic injection molding machine manufacturer and solutions provider.  The company is renowned amongst customers for its excellent product performance , satisfactory technical support and after sales service. 

Tederic Machinery co., LTD was founded in 2003, having two main factories in China currently,one is Tederic headquarters and one is Tederic Heavy machinery factory, which are located in Hangzhou City and Huzhou City respectively. The total plant area are 120,000 square meters and the total number of employees is more than 800. We praise the concept of innovation and implements which by spirit of improving every day. After 16 years of continuous development and putting efforts, Tederic has become one of the top three enterprises in China's injection molding machine industry in terms of comprehensive strength. In 2017, Tederic machinery co., LTD was listed on the main board of the Shanghai stock exchange (SH603289), and it is also the first injection molding machine company listed on the main board of China.

Nowadays, Tederic Machinery has entered the digital industry era, and has realized intelligent management of R&D, production, marketing, quality control and company operations through software platforms such as SAP, MES, PLM and CRM. Meanwhile, Tederic Machinery has the core technology of injection molding machine and the manufacturing capability of the main components: software development. Precision castings, large-scale welding, precision machining, electrical assembly, etc., Such complete industrial chain provides guarantee for the development, quality, cost and delivery of our machine.  At present, Tederic machines have been exported to more than 130 countries, and have won the trust and praise of users.

We provide you with comprehensive and professional injection moulding solutions including: Automotive parts, home appliances, packaging, medical, 5 g antennas, electronics, industrial & civil suppliers, environmental, pipe fitting, various large - scale logistics carriers, aerospace, Military fields and various fields.

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Basic Facts & Figures
TEDERiC Machinery Co., Ltd.
TEDERiC Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Site area: 50,000㎡ +

    Number of employees: 500+

    Production capacity planning: DT ( 60-350 Ton ) \ DH \ DE \ D-M \ derivative series production, 10,000 standard sets/year, processing and assembly parts.

TEDERiC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Site Area: 60,000㎡ +

    Number of Employees: 300+

    Production Capacity Planning: Annual production capacity 11,000 tons of precision ductile iron ( unit weight≤20 tons ), welding and 6,000 tons sheet metal parts. DT series ( 400-7000 Ton ) production.

TEDERiC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • 2003

    Hangzhou Tederic Machinery Ltd. Started to manufacture IMM in Zhuantang town of Hangzhou.

  • 2006

    Tederic Machinery manufacture(China) Co., Ltd. Established.

  • 2010

    Tederic Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Founded.

  • 2012

    Joint-Stock system reform, and renamed as Tederic machinery Co,. Ltd..

  • 2017

    In Oct 31th 2017, Tedetric machinery listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange.