2018 Tederic Intelligent Injection Molding Seminar Tour (Ninghai)

On July 13, 2018, Tederic Machinery 2018 Intelligent Injection Molding Tour Seminar (Ninghai Station) officially ended. This event is a one-stop solution for multi-color, multi-material and multi-angle injection. Corporate representatives, industry experts, media and partners from 200+ companies gathered together for an inspirational collision. Face to double-color injection key problems, the supply and demand sides join hands to promote innovation. Besides, double-color auto parts program experts FANUC robot, NITTO special quick couplings, EAS rapid mold change system, Ninghai Longhua plastic, Ningbo mold association, all units joined forces to make the meeting achieve unexpected success.

Seven professional technical exchanges

 Multi-angle multi-color special industry introduction - Tederic multi-component technical expert Chu Nengkui

【"Tederic multi-component series fully turn to mass production, modular design and free combination, can adapt to a variety of mold selection of auto parts, household, toys, etc. Personalized customization provides you with a professional double color injection molding machine molding program."】

Intelligent automatic mold change in the injection molding industry - EAS sales director Yan Jianbo

【“Intelligent automatic mold change, reduces machine downtime, saves labor costs, and reduces inventory costs. The cost and efficiency advantages visible can create extra value for the injection molding plant, while providing intelligent control at the same time”.】

The application of large two-platen double-color in the auto parts industry - Tederic two-platen series technical expert Lin Wu

【"Professional rotary two-platen multi-angle multi color injection molding machine, with injection unit layout of parallel, right angle, opposite and other multiple forms, will be perfectly adapted to the processing of large-scale double-color auto parts products. One machine is for multi-function, not a dream anymore."】

FANUC robot introduction and application of auto parts industry - FANUC sales manager Wang Jin

【"Intelligent equipment - intelligent production unit - intelligent production line - unmanned plant, high-precision intelligent robot, fully support the production of injection molding products, with insert, take, and assemble multiple units to achieve full plant intelligence."】

Application of full-electric sub-injection unit in multi-color field - Tederic's full motor manager Shen Haibo

【"Full-electric precision micro-injection independent unit, which combines the advantages of all electric injection molding machine and independent closed-loop control, can realize the upgrade and transformation of the original mono or multi-color injection molding machine, and provide a complete multi-component turnkey solution. "】

The application and advantages of NITTO couplings in the mold industry - NITTO Company Zhang Wei

【Special quick couplings enable rapid conversion and connection of gas, water and oil connections, improving safety and ease of operation under high pressure conditions. Quick couplings such as locks, flat heads, and plugs enable a variety of gas-liquid quick-connect operations including rapid mold change.】

Intelligent construction of injection molding factory - Shanghai Zhixun Information Technology General Manager Zhangyan

【MES system, realize the injection molding industry 4.0, realize the information exchange management of customer orders, ERP docking, production deployment, equipment status, etc., improve production efficiency, equipment life, and build a transparent, unmanned factory management system."】

Highlights live show

Perhaps there is no technical tour seminar, which is to bring all the technical highlights mentioned in the meeting into reality and directly show it to everyone.

Full of key points, passionate feelings, directly led to the original 11:30 point meeting delayed until 12:30, when the 1 o'clock factory visit plan is delayed, we found the bus is full of customers. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check it out !

If you think this is the developing center factory of Tederic, you’re totally wrong! This is just a local professional mold testing factory in Ninghai.


DH1800 WITH Level rotary table

opposite injection layout

D530Db WITH Full-electric independent sub-injection unit

Due to the direct demand of customers, it has accelerated the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Tederic's multi-color and multi-material fields. At the same time, it has been highly recognized by customers and the market due to the perfect solution and customized design provided by Tederic Machinery team. I would like to thank Ninghai Longhua Plastic for this factory visit experience.

Wonderful and unfinished, please pay attention to the Tederic WeChat public platform, we will wait for you at the next seminar tour.